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Meet our Principals!

Beth Tekverk, Principal

I am proud to introduce myself as the Director of the Mosaic Pre-K Centers for many reasons.  It is our mission to provide a stable, nurturing environment where our students learn not only academically but socially and emotionally as well.  We focus on each child's individual needs to ensure every student progresses to their highest potential, through play, and, the services we provide for them.  We understand the importance of the work we do and strive to provide the highest level of instruction for our children.  I consider my position as Director an honor to serve you and your children in providing the best education possible.  It is always a pleasure to hear back from parents how well their child has adjusted to Kindergarten after stepping up from Mosaic. 

Naomi Landau Ed.D, Principal

It is with great pride and appreciation that I introduce myself as Principal for the Community School District 24 Mosaic Pre-K Center.  I have been a part of the NYCDOE for the past 18 years, where I have served the Elmhurst community as a Reading teacher, an English as a New Language first grade teacher, a Staff Developer and Assistant Principal.  Through all of my experiences as a lifelong educator, I have always believed that early childhood education is such a crucial and pivotal time in the lives of children and their families. This is the time that educators, alongside families work together to inspire children to become lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and creative innovators who are curious about the world around them.  

Part of what makes the Community School District 24 so special is the diversity of the children and families. I am so excited to be a part of celebrating that beautiful tapestry and ensuring that our children always see themselves represented in the learning that is happening in their classroom.   I look forward to serving the Mosaic Pre-K community with enthusiasm and dedication.  As it is just that— a mosaic of beautiful beginnings for our youngest learners. 

Arthur Gnecco, Principal

It is with great pleasure that I am able to serve as one of the principals of the Mosaic Pre-K Centers.  We do not take it lightly that you have entrusted us with your child which is the most precious and valuable gift.  We take great pride in providing children with an individualized approach to embrace social emotional growth while connecting to each child’s culture, language, and life experience to develop the foundation of becoming a lifelong learner